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Here you can find who I am, what I’ve done and what I’m now doing. Click on the track button so I can let you know when I’m playing around your hometown.

On my SoundCloud page you can find new music I’m working on and music I never released.

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João Hasselberg

About Myself

“They are totally intelectual short stories because I was writing them on the basis of my literary experience and had not yet found the link between literature and life” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I ‘m a bass-player/composer based in Copenhagen and I’ve been writing my own music since 2013 and released 4 albums with it:
“Whatever It Is You’re Seeking, Won’t Come In The Form You’re Expecting” ; “Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles” and “Dancing Our Way To Death” (co-lead with my friend and guitarist Pedro Branco). And a new album “From Order to Chaos” came out this march on Clean Feed records. I also do freelance work.

I studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (Holland) and I’m now doing my masters degree at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, in Denmark.

I’m really happy about the partnership I’ve been developing with  D’Addario & Planet Waves, with Vintage Guitars and with TC Electronic. They’ve been a huge help, providing me with the best strings and cables, instruments, effects and amplification.

I like songs and I like improvised music.

I like Charlie Haden and I like Arvo Part.

I like to see love and beauty in things.



Whirlpool Ensemble at KoncertKirken 30 Jan 2017

This is a small ensemble that deals with the counteraction between improvisation & composition, creating a circular motion as that produced by the meeting of opposing currents causing a downward spiraling action creating music as a final result. This rather unusual ensemble features me on acoustic bass, the beautiful Elina Silova singing  and the amazing Kristian …



  • Debord experimental electro-acoustic solo project
  • Spectral Songs Jędrzej Łagodziński sax ; Rudolfs Macats piano ; Simon Albertsen drums 
  • João Hasselberg & Pedro Branco  feat. Pedro Branco guitar ; Elina Silova & Afonso Cabral vocals ; Afonso Pais guitar ; João Paulo Esteves da Silva & Luis Figueiredo piano ; Albert Cirera sax ; João Lencastre drums
  • Whirlpool Ensemble feat. Elina Silova vocals ; Kristian Tangvik electronics
  • Always The Hardest Part feat. Kamil Piotrowicz piano ; Simon Albertsen drums 
  • SongBird feat. Luis Figueiredo piano


  • Tiago Bettencourt 
  • Luisa Sobral 
  • Beatriz Pessoa 
  • Gonçalo Prazeres 4tet feat. Gonçalo Prazeres sax ; Albert Cirera sax ; Nuno Costa guitar ; Rui pereira drums